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Nano Teleprompter offers a comprehensive suite of professional-grade tools designed to empower speakers, presenters, and content creators in delivering polished performances. With its intuitive interface and robust functionality, Nano Teleprompter transforms any smartphone or tablet into a sophisticated teleprompter system.

This meticulously crafted app boasts customizable settings, including adjustable scrolling speeds, font sizes, and text alignments, allowing users to tailor their teleprompter experience to their exact specifications. Its seamless compatibility across various devices ensures consistent performance, while its user-friendly design streamlines the teleprompting process for optimal efficiency.

Whether delivering speeches, hosting live broadcasts, or recording videos, Nano Teleprompter equips users with the tools they need to maintain seamless eye contact with their audience while effortlessly delivering their message. Harness the power of Nano Teleprompter to elevate your presentations to new heights of professionalism and impact.

Record using your Phone's Camera
a versatile floating widget, usable alongside your phone camera. Resize and freely drag the window for tailored viewing. Compatible with any camera app, in landscape and portrait modes, setting it apart from other apps.
Simple and easy to use
Nano Teleprompter offers powerful features designed for ease of use. With simple gestures, you can adjust font size, control speed, highlight sections, modify margins, and more.
Fully customizable
With Nano Teleprompter, you can customize everything: speed, font color, background color, highlight specific phrases, adjust the window size and position, change the highlighted area, font size, margins, delay, and more.
Import your text
You can import your text from your storage or Google Drive with just one click.
Remote Control Support
You can use a Bluetooth remote control or our remote control app to fully control the application.
Designed to be used with a camera app or a physical teleprompter, it features a mirrored full-screen mode and a floating widget for use with the camera app.

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